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An In-Depth Guide to WhatsApp Business

A successful business knows how to adapt to any kind of market trend. Your target audience’s needs evolve as technology changes their lifestyles. Being able to adapt to the latest marketing strategies can place you above the competition.

Nowadays, people tend to shop with a brand they can easily reach through messaging. Therefore, integrating a messaging app in your marketing tactics is an essential step for the growth of your business.

After hitting 1.5 billion monthly active users all over the globe, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business–enabling companies to connect with their clients whenever, wherever.

Leftside - Learn about WhatsApp Business

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free messaging app for entrepreneurs. It works similarly to the original WhatsApp messenger, but it comes with better customer engagement features. When it was initially released, it was only available for Android. Yet in early 2019, the app became accessible to iOS users too.

What makes WhatsApp Business better?

Tech-savvy businesses already use WhatsApp to reach their potential and existing clients. But with WhatsApp Business’ additional functions, their job will become easier. Here are the differences between the old and new app:

  • Business Profile

WhatsApp Business lets you create a business profile. This means you can add further details like your website, location, and contact information. Having a business profile adds credibility to your brand.

  • Message Statistics

You can track messaging statistics in WhatsApp Business. For example, you can view the number of messages you sent and the messages on read. This allows you to monitor the campaign performance of your brand.

  • Business Timings

Just like in the normal WhatsApp app, WhatsApp business works with one phone number. This feature makes managing the account dependent to a single person. It can be difficult to stay available 24/7 to answer queries, hence you can set your business hours in the application.

  • Automated Responses

WhatsApp Business lets you automate messages like quick replies, greetings, or unavailability messages. You can share company information on the greeting messages or let them know you’re unavailable. To avoid retyping the same messages over and over again, you can save answers to your FAQs.

  • Labeled Group Chats

Although group chats are also available in WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business allows you to neatly organize the same through labels. You can categorize groups like potential leads, new customers, returning customers, and the like. You can use the same device for both applications, but you need a separate business phone number for WhatsApp business.

How can you grow your brand with WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp users exchange over 65 billion messages daily. Most likely, all your customers are using the app. Adding WhatsApp Business as a new means of communicating can help you grow your brand.

  • Build strong customer relationships.

WhatsApp Business allows you to connect with users who have provided their contact information. This means you can engage with customers who are interested in your products/services. It can help you create strong customer relationships that can last for a long time.

  • Save more.

Compared to SMS services, WhatsApp Business is free of charge. You can connect with anyone from around the world without costing you a single cent. Hence, you can eliminate or reduce costs in communication.

  • Share marketing promotions easier.

Launch a product or share the latest news about your company with your WhatsApp status. It’s visible to all your customers–making it more convenient for you to promote your brand. Also, WhatsApp business lets you manage your marketing campaigns and contacts in one place.

WhatsApp Business gives you the opportunity to create a seamless experience for your clients. Analyze your market’s data to find out how many of them can be reached through WhatsApp. It is the future of B2C relationship. Change the way people see your business… for the better!


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