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The Importance of Infographics in your Social Media Content Strategy

The internet is an ever-expanding ocean of information. With that amount of data available, how can you quickly grab your audience’s attention? An effective way of doing this is through the creation of informative and attractive infographics.

Infographics is a highly productive tool that delivers information in a manner that helps your market easily digest what they read. It is the best way of combining elements such as design, text, and images that transforms complex data into a simple story that needs to be shared.

Why incorporate Infographics in your Social Media Strategy?

Infographics are compelling, but why should you regularly use them in your content? These six reasons will explain why:

1. It will boost your SEO.

Once you post infographics on your website and share it on your social media accounts, it will produce backlinks that are vital to driving Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also, Google will index your website to a higher rank due to its ‘Page Rank’ algorithm.

2. It will increase brand value.

Aside from telling a story, infographics go to beyond showing people more about your brand. They portray your value and knowledge in style. That’s why it’s essential that they are in sync with your defined brand image and include your primary contact information.

3. It will grab people’s attention.

The average attention span of a human is eight seconds–shorter than a goldfish. A well-designed and eye-catching graphics taps into the optic nerve that drives the brain. In other words, infographics are more engaging than plain text.

4. It will make your content viral.

Infographics are compelling visual content and most people would want to share the same through their own networks and circle of influences. This would result to your content becoming viral when your audience shares it on their social media channels.

5. It will showcase your expertise.

Infographics use tables, graphs, charts, and other diagrams. They serve as a visual representation of your extensive research and demonstrate your knowledge, enhancing credibility in the marketplace.

6. It will simplify complicated subjects.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Efficient infographics bear tons of information in a somewhat small space. They exhibit only the most critical facts and deliver them in an understandable manner.

In today’s competitive and informative global marketplace, the key to digital success is to capture the attention of your target audience. Using inforgraphics is a foolproof way of going towards this end with visual elements that are not only significant, but also appealing to look at.

This is what makes infographics an essential tool that company owners and digital marketers should have to keep the target market focused on your content. If you need help to get started, contact a professional digital marketing agency now!

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