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The 3 Things You Might Not be Doing for Your Business that Could Affect Your Social Media Presence

After researching and continuously updating your social media marketing strategy, do you still find your social media engagement going slow? There are a couple of things you might be missing out that most marketing blogs do not tell you.

First - you do not need any sort of a budget, in fact, no budget at all! These are all free for all business and personal profiles to incorporate.

1. Features: Making use of Instagram Stories and other features such as IGTv

Most business profiles forget that this feature even exists! Simply sticking to the regular picture and video posts may be of use, however, staying up to date with the latest social media trends is extremely helpful when reaching out to new people. Instagram now has features such as the countdown sticker, polls, GIFs and many more. Make the most out of your Instagram account and use these features to promote your business.

2. Consistency: Consistent Posting

Keep in mind that in order to sustain the current level of followers and consumer engagement, you will need to keep a schedule of consistent timings to post. After looking at your insights and experimenting, you will be able to understand when is the right time to post for your business profile. This should be considered when creating a content plan.

3. Theme: Maintaining a Feed Theme

It is important to have a simple, clean and consistent feed that looks professional. This can be done by incorporating a certain font, a way of posting and arranging the media content or even a certain color. It is important to ensure that one aspect is consistent throughout the feed of your business’s account.

Although these three tips are easily available and extremely simple, many business profiles fail to incorporate these aspects into their media marketing strategies. After maintaining these aspects of interactive Instagram stories, consistent posting and a photo/feed theme, your following and social media presence will definitely increase in value.

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