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The Internet Marketing Tree

Understanding how Internet Marketing works isn’t complete rocket science. Luckily, one of the online advertising gurus by the name of Mike Robinson had looked down upon us and gave us what we need. Hence, the Internet Marketing Tree was planted.

With the birth of digital marketing’s tree of life, people now have a better grasp of what it is about. Especially with businesses going online, knowledge about the field is now a necessity. If you still have little idea of what we’re talking about, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s everything that you need to know about the Internet Marketing Tree–from roots to tips!

Knowing the Roots

Roots are known to be the foundation of each tree, therefore having a strong base is essential to support it. Translating to marketing language, you need to plant deep roots appearing as research, branding, strategy, and content.

Although it’s enticing to skip researching and go straight ahead to fun tasks–design and development, remember that if a tree has weak roots, it can easily fall.

Understanding the Trunk

Right above the supporting roots lies the trunk containing excellent web design and development. A tree naturally grows bigger and thicker with the right amount of TLC over time. And just like that, your website and online presence should head the same path.

The heart of a tree is the trunk, so a great website should also be the center of your business’ marketing.

Hanging on to Branches

These sprawling branches represent limitless opportunities for you to promote and advertise your business. With mediums like Social Media Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Public Relations, and more, you should be aware of optimizing each channel to its full potential.

Take note that all these channel strategies should complement each other to benefit the heart of your business–your website.

As what Nepalese author Santosh Kalwar said, “All our wisdom is stored in the trees.” So let the Internet Marketing Tree be your official guide to shaping the marketing life of your business. But if you need an extra hand, don’t forget to call the professionals on the job!

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