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Chatbots are taking over the world?

Artificial Intelligence - Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Chatbots are a computer simulation of human conversation. What started out as technological curiosity has now evolved into the next big thing.

Technology is constantly redefining itself. While some technologies come and go, some are here to stay. Chatbots have been here for a while, but were not as famous as they are now. Consumers are increasingly becoming more comfortable interacting with machines online. Chatbots will inevitably continue to dominate the landscape.

The best thing about a chatbot is it that it learns patterns fast and translates it into its own language to understand and reply. The whole chatter started in 2016 when Facebook announced a developer-friendly platform to build chatbots on Facebook messenger. This started a conversation revolution.

So why are these chatbots suddenly on a rise? We can blame it on increase of app usage, commonly called 'app fatigue'. Consumers spend maximum time on Google, Apple and Facebook apps. So when they found out that they can chat to a machine to get their questions answered, they welcomed it with open arms. Talking to a chatbot means spending less time on a customer service call, speaking to a person or ordering anything of your choice. These chatbots are currently being used for limited services only like ordering food, ordering flowers, finding a yoga teacher, etc… basically services that are pre-defined. Try arguing with a bot, it will give in sooner or later, because there is reasoning involved, which is still lacking in the technology.

There might be a rise on the Chatbots, but only up to a point. There will be better technology that will take over the chatbots and will have better reasoning capabilities. This particular technology is what might take up a few human jobs, as it will be capable of doing at least 5 people’s work at a time.

So should we be scared of losing our jobs to these bots or better technology? I don’t think so. We are humans, we learn and evolve. No matter how ahead the technology is, humans will still be a step ahead.

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