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What’s new at Instagram in the beginning of 2018

A quick recap on What’s new at Instagram in the beginning of 2018

1. Repost other Users’ Instagram stories

A feature that will help brands/people stay in a story for longer than 24 hours! When you mention someone in your story, they get a notification that they have been mentioned in a story. These people will have the option of reposting that story, which will stay for another 24 hours, in turn keeping the story alive for more than 24 hours.

The brands would still need to ensure that they’re paying close attention to their mentions, so that they’re able to curate and re-share the best story content from customers, influencers and partners, and other users who mention them, before the story disappears.

Unfortunately, this feature will only be available on an image and not a video.

2. Screenshot alerts

Noticed a new pop-up yet?

Yes. You might get this message the next time you take a screenshot of someone’s story. You could make screenshot notifications a part of your marketing strategy by encouraging your followers to save specific portions of your stories, then tracking whether or not they take action.

3. Create Text-Only “Type” Posts in Instagram Stories

Play with the text style and colours. Each style comes with its own coordinated background colours.

It is very similar to the status update feature of Facebook. It’s a fun way to add personality to your stories and direct messages. If you’ve got an important announcement to make, a coupon code, event, or promotion to share, Type will make the process quicker and easier than ever before.

4. Ability to Follow Hashtags

As announced a few days back, you can now follow Hashtags on Instagram.

You won’t need to search the hashtags regularly to find new content you are interested in, you can just follow a hashtag and have regular updates delivered to you instead. Just like the “people” feed, you can also create a “hashtags” feed where this content will appear.

As a brand you can encourage users to follow your brand’s hashtag. This can make user-generated content (UGC) even more powerful. Users will see the content about your brand created by other customers, and it will be endlessly more persuasive than if you were the one delivering it to their feed.

Brands can use this feature to monitor their own hashtag and easily review the best UGC. They can also use the hashtag tracking feature to keep an eye on industry trends and your competition.

5. Recommended Posts Instagram has been showing Sponsored content for a long time now. This may change soon, with Instagram testing a “recommended posts” feature that’s not dissimilar from Facebook’s. Now, you may see content that Instagram believes that you’ll like. This means that as per the new algorithms, Instagram will be showing you either content that your friend’s have liked, or content they (Instagram) thinks you’ll be interested in. If you follow a lot of fitness bloggers, for example, they’ll show you more content along those lines.

This could be a big advantage to brands. If one user liking or commenting on your Page means that even just ten of their friends see it, that’s a huge development that we shouldn’t ignore. There’s already plenty of incentives to get a lot of engagement on Instagram, but this gives us just one more. Instagram is already a key player in the Social Media Marketing Platforms. Faster and bigger than Facebook. Even though the ad systems are joined, we’re glad the algorithms are not identical. And with the new features rolling out, it’s clear that Instagram is a pro marketing– and business-friendly, making it even more valuable.

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