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Working with a creative boutique vs. a big agency

It is very tempting to choose a large, well-known agency to help with your business marketing/advertising needs. Big companies do come with some benefits. However, a creative boutique agency allows for more flexibility, a much more specialised approach plus the advantage of a lower price tag. Boutique agencies come with a passion for the work while building client relationships. A boutique agency is a smaller creative agency that focuses on specialised work for a limited client list.

Benefits of hiring a boutique agency:

Direct access to the Director/Owner

It is an excellent benefit because it creates a good working relationship and keeps you in the loop of the work that is going on on your account. Even though the owner might not be directly involved in the project, but rest assured, they will know everything about you and why you hired the agency.

Same team throughout

The team that pitches is the team that works on your project as well. You can directly talk to them, and you will have the exact idea of what they are working on and where they are on a particular project. It's like working with an extension of your team. Plus the communication is clear, hence the work is faster.

Personal touch

There’s always a peace of mind knowing you can work with with a chosen team of passionate and dedicated people. Everyone member will know everything about your account. And you will always know who is working on your project.

Lower costs

A boutique agency’s size and costs aren’t being passed directly on to you while helping you stay on budget. They have large overhead charges which is beneficial for you.

Faster turnaround time

Since boutique agencies do not take up more clients than they can comfortably manage, your project will not be put on hold or get delayed.

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