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Branding is Believing

Brand identity

When we talk to clients about creating a brand for their company, they automatically assume it includes designing a good-looking logo and using similar colours and fonts on the website, social media, packaging and marketing material. It’s not all about the design and imagery, to be fair there are a lot of so-called branding experts who provide just that, but at the end of the day the client wants results and true branding is much beyond good design, it is believing.

Having a really cool design concept is not really bad for the business in fact it’s great but it’s only a step in the long and on-going process of branding. Branding is building a relationship with your target audience, a relationship of trust. How do we do this?

1. Brand Story

Every brand must have a story. A story that not only defines what your brand is about but also why is it different from everyone else. It should be relevant to your target audience; your brand story should become the story of your target audience.

2. Consistency

Branding is an on-going process; there should be a consistency in communication with your audience and your actions. We have to firstly, establish our presence in our consumers’ minds. Once we have done that, we have ensure we deliver on the promises we made. We want them to recognize us as well as associate the right messages with us.

3. Up to date and current

It’s always good to keep up with all news relevant to the brand, industry and the target audience. A good brand is an expert, establishing credibility with the target audience includes showing them that as a brand we are aware of the things around us and of the needs of our audience.

4. Be Social

A good brand is social, approachable and relatable. A great brand becomes a part of its consumer’s life. Social media has made this both easy and difficult, easy because now we have a great number mediums that allow us to be social with our audience and difficult because it also means that we have to be constantly creative with our brand to not only get noticed but also remain consistent with our brand story across all types of channels.

5. Be Simple

As complex as the process of branding is, its main aim is to make the branding message simple. Some of the greatest brands have established themselves by selling the simplest idea, like Apple’s tagline ‘Think Different’ or McDonald’s ‘I’m lovin’ it’.

It’s all about being simple yet different and connecting with your audience. Connect with us at for a consultation and let’s take your brand forward, together.

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