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What is Attraction Marketing and how it works?

In a blur of advertisements, where our day starts and ends with endless forms of ads, new age Scientific Advertisers have emerged. These mad scientists understand the human psychology and create such ads that stand out from the blur. Instead of the advertisers running behind the customers, these ads compel the customers to pursue these advertisers to fulfil their business requirements.

A = Aligning your message with your audience in an authentic way. When you know what you know, you know how to convey it. When you are trying to sell something, it comes across as fake. Keep it real — the only way you can do this and have it successfully persuade your audience, is to be authentic and endorse only what you, yourself have experienced. People are smart and they can spot a con within seconds. Don’t underestimate your target audience.

B = Believe in your products or services, and your ability to assist your target customer with any grievance. It is important to be accessible to your customer and ensure them that what you are offering is of quality. But remember, when your customer feels you are a person of quality, they won’t have any problem believing that you represent is a quality product.

C = Communicating and connecting in a consistent manner. Your audience wants to hear from you in a personable, direct way. Consistency implies a regular basis, but the key is setting the schedule in a way that your audience expects to hear from you. Make each piece of communication connect with your audience instead of a “sales pitch” to buy your product.

A good attraction marketing system is going to do 4 things. One its going to attract an endless supply of quality leads. Second part of the system is creating a relationship with these leads. Third, the system will allow you to generate income from these leads, and not just a one hitter, but residual. And the last part of the system is duplicating to those that join your opportunity.

Customers rely on information to make a decision, which means you will be better placed in case you offer what they are looking for.

The best way to do attraction marketing is to give away free invaluable content, always providing good content always give you the best leads and results in your business online.

Personal branding can be extremely crucial for anyone who wants to get involved in attraction marketing, as this is a way to give potential clients a bit of a push to seek further information about various business opportunities. Instead of working to solicit new entrepreneurs to get involved in a business opportunity, you are working to seek and attract potential owners and clients to look for a more well-defined brand overall.

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