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Are you investing in your business advertisements or increasing Google’s stock rate?

Advertising in Dubai is somewhat a slightly more difficult task than it is in other parts of the world. ‘Word of Mouth’ (WOM) works the best in this market. If you are an agency trying to pitch, make sure the market talks good about you. With 80% of the Dubai audience being online, it gets a little competitive with advertising. 75% of the consumers trust opinions posted online and three quarters respond to a branded website.

Dubai is the largest business hub in the UAE; there’s a Start-up company every other week. Every single one of them wants the entire nation to know about their services. But, are they using the right medium? Every digital agency provides SEO services in Dubai. But, are you targeting the right audience? With a mix of nationality present in UAE, getting the right people to read your ad and know your services can be tricky. So what is the right way to target your audience and reach the right clients?

We are sure, every single agency and client will relate to this age-old question –

“If I spend money on advertising, what can I expect to see as a result?"

1. There is no direct connection between dollars invested and results gained.

In today’s digital world, everything is measurable. Digital measuring is not limited to conversion alone. track impressions, clicks, open rates, leads, everything. But, there is no fixed mathematical equation how much you spend and what you can expect to see in return.With you invest in a ‘Lifetime Value Say you invest $100 in a campaign where you need conversions. At the end of the campaign, you see that you have acquired conversions for $80. What happens to your remaining $20? It’s your investment with Google to get that lifetime value conversion.

2. Results are linked to the message.

Ads that touch the heart of the customer are the ones that turn little companies into big companies. But not everyone knows how to write such an ad. Don’t approach advertising with the goal of just getting your name out. Invest in your potential customers.

3. “Managing Google is easy says who?

It’s not just about ‘pick a bunch of keywords, establish budgets, enter your credit card and you're done!’

It sure sounds like that, but you're probably on your way to helping Google maintain its stock price while wasting a lot of your own money or losing out to more savvy competitors.

"Well Executed" AdWords (and other similar "pay per click," or PPC, campaigns) can effectively drive qualified traffic to your website – which in turn can generate new leads and sales for your business. The best-run campaigns have a clear strategic directive, established benchmark metrics, and analytics in place to measure everything.

4. Understand how Ads get shown.

Multiple factors are influencing how your ads appear on Google: your daily budget, your maximum CPC per keyword, your competitors' max CPC on the same keyword, how popular your search phrase is, and Google's Quality Score. If you don't understand how Quality Score works, get to know it NOW!

Don’t send all users to your Home Page (Remember the Quality Score we talked about in the previous point, this is one).

Steer them more clearly into the response you want by creating a unique "landing page." Google has deemed these pages so important that it has implemented "Landing Page Experience" into its Quality Score rating.

5. Organize Keywords into tightly themed Ad groups.

There are many benefits to having relevant keywords organized within their ad group:

  • Keywords can easily be used in your ad copy since they are related to the ad group.

  • When the ads are more relevant to the audience, your click-through rate (CTR) will increase (and that is the goal, after all)

  • Higher CTR help your Quality Score, which in turn will lead to lower click costs for the same position.

6. Separate your campaigns.

Google's default settings at the campaign level include both Search and Display together and do not separate out Mobile. (After all, Mobile is what we all use the maximum these days. 80% audience.)

You should manually "opt out" of having your search keywords run on Google's Display Network–especially if you want to reserve your budget exclusively for Search. Create a separate search campaign for mobile users, to help optimize your visibility and click costs.

7. Test different Ad versions.

Even after you put all this effort into your campaign setup, you shouldn't assume you know what ad will attract the right audience. Instead, test different versions of your ad copy/offers: Run three tests for each Ad Group for a week, determine the winner, and delete or tweak losers based on the results.

8. Chuck the Under-Performing Keywords.

Keywords that produce clicks but don't convert eat up your budget and drag down your Quality Score. Routinely review your campaign and get rid of them!

Every Dollar counts when it comes to selling or advertising your services. Make an effort worthwhile.

If you are looking for a 360-degree branding solution on all media platforms, Leftside Design is where you should come.

In a dizzying blur of messages, we consciously do work that stands out.From eye-catching billboards, videography and radio spots.


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