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Complete Branding Design Solutions Dubai

Any organization that requires a good corporate identity will undoubtedly need a professional designing agency to design their corporate material. Businesses need someone who has an excellent understanding and knowledge of the business designs, as well as a comprehensive grasp of the related industry for designing their corporate identity. Leftside design offers different types of corporate design/corporate branding and corporate rebranding services in Dubai with the best possible turn-around time. We are a team of skilled designers who excel at branding and advertising for your company that boost the visibility of your company.


A corporate branding is a distinctive logo, website, business card, letterhead, etc. that indicates the ‘tone of voice’ of the company. A company with a professional corporate identity means that it is here to stay and gives a sense of the culture of the business to the audience. Maintaining a professional corporate identity is very vital across all platforms for a brand to stand out and get into the limelight. Sticking to particular colors and fonts, logo positioning and the tone of voice throughout the printed and online communications help to enhance a brand’s professional position. A consistent and strong corporate identity/corporate branding becomes instantly recognizable among the target audience. Maintaining consistency in the corporate identity/corporate branding is very vital because it reinforces the brand identity at every point the customers encounters the brand. Therefore it is important to maintain the corporate design, brand identity through every platform.


Even if you are an existing brand, you must to do a rebranding exercise for your company to be in sync with the industry and follow the latest trends. A fresh new logo, a new user-friendly website can change the entire message conveyed to the customers.  At Leftside, our team of expert designers will sit and understand your corporate rebranding requirements and work a plan to put everything in the right places.

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